I AM CareGiver, Self-Care

Is It Just Me? …. Take 2

The Oxford Dictionary defines RESPITE as a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. For many, having respite care can be a godsend. It gives one a break from the daily grind and should help the caregiver to relax and reset, even if its just a couple hours at a shot.… Continue reading Is It Just Me? …. Take 2

I AM CareGiver, Mom

Changing Mom’s Physician….Part 2

So, as I mentioned in the original post about Changing Mom's Physician, we are transitioning to a service where the healthcare professional comes to you. This is needed as Mom's Post Polio Syndrome and congestive heart failure has progressed to the point where it is beyond exhausting for her to venture out of the house.… Continue reading Changing Mom’s Physician….Part 2