Dad, I AM CareGiver

Who’s That Little Girl?

For the last couple weeks Dad calls out and asks “who is that little girl in the hallway?”. Well, we live in a single family home, so there is no little girl.

I know it’s the Azheimer’s talking. 😦

The first time this happened, I chalked it up to he must have been having a dream. But then he would ask again while he was eating dinner, or having just gotten back from the bathroom. That didn’t sound like he could possibly be dreaming.

How do I respond to this?

Do I contradict him and tell him there is no little girl? That we live in a private home and its only he, Mom and me here? That his grand-daughters are all grown up now?

Or do I “go with it” and make up a little girl’s name to answer him? But I can see him following up with “who’s that?” and “where’s her mother?” and “why is she in our house?” or “are we in a hotel that she is running around in?”. How do I keep up with that?

From my estimation, it could upset him either way and I certainly don’t want that.

I would appreciate insight from others of you that may have experienced this. Many thanks!


1 thought on “Who’s That Little Girl?”

  1. An important question, thanks for bringing it up. My wife often asks similar questions when confronted by a mirror. “Who’s that?’ she will ask when she sees herself or us. “It’s you,” I tell her, using her name, or if she’s looking at us, both our names. I simply tell her the truth . Also, I’ve learned, as others recommend, never to argue with her, rather I just go along with whatever thoughts she’s having, no matter if they make no sense or are not accurate.

    Rational, intelligent conversation is no longer possible. I’ve learned not to expect such and simply do my best to make her feel loved and appreciated.

    Again, thanks for bringing this question up. Yours is certainly challenging work and I admire your commitment to service.


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